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ADB Contact

J. Grant Hauber
Principal Private Sector Development Specialist
South Asia Regional Dept.

Asian Development Bank
6 ADB Avenue
Mandaluyong City
1550 Metro Manila
t: +632 683 1707


J. Grant Hauber
Managing Director

Catenaria Pte. Ltd.
14 Robinson Road
Far East Finance Building
Republic of Singapore

t: +65 6494 9129
f: +65 6725 8038

Catenaria provides expert advisory and consulting services to energy and infrastructure sector investors, developers, financial institutions, and governments.  Based in Singapore, Catenaria covers markets throughout Asia.  


Fundamentals are important.  Catenaria makes a point to understand the full economic, social and political context of the markets and sectors it covers - whether it is helping a client develop a market-appropriate business plan or structuring and closing a complex project transaction. 

Fundamental drivers of supply and demand in the energy and infrastructure sectors are critical to assuring investments – and the policies that back them – are successful.  Catenaria understands what questions to ask to get to the heart of what will make an investment plan or a transaction commercially viable. We as comfortable in the board room as we are in the field. We take a direct, hands-on role in partnership with our clients in structuring, developing and negotiating critical policy, projects and investments.

Given our long-term presence in the Asian markets, Catenaria maintains extensive networks of professional service providers, engineers, investors and lenders locally, regionally, and globally.


Our Services
Catenaria has two lines of service:  Intrados and Extrados



Catenaria’s Intrados services provide strategic planning, asset strategy, market assessment, risk management, and corporate governance around investment in critical energy and infrastructure assets.  We assist our clients assess the market opportunity and put in place plans and strategy founded on practicality. 


We consider the ground realities of both business and market so our insight can be put into action.

Intrados: actionable expert insight  



Catenaria’s Extrados services focus on supporting delivery of complex transactions in energy and infrastructure.  Extrados encompasses commercial and financial advisory services, tender design and management, due diligence reviews, modeling and negotiation support.  Whether in a core market or cross-border into uncharted waters, Catenaria brings to bear experience and grounding in the challenging Asian markets in the context of international standard investment structures. 


We take hands-on action, partnering with you to assure your transaction is sustainable, remunerative, and completed.

Extrados: transactions in context


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